Fashion accessories that inspire

Teja Jeglič, a fashion designer from Kamnik, wanted to surprise her friend with a unique birthday present. She had some leather at hand and she made her a backpack. This unique gift turned out to be a starting point of a very successful business and her hobby has become her professional career.

Do Slovenian women show interest in designer clothes and fashion accessories? Is this more true today than in the past?

Definitely, more and more women want to look special as trends and fashion in general are all around us and information about what is fashionable and what is not are always close at hand. That is why almost every woman tries to be as unique as possible – which is not at all bad, since that means that designers can create for different people.



Do Slovenian women actively follow global fashion trends?

Mostly we follow successful fashion icons, we like to read an article or two, browse through photos and find a piece that is not yet as popular here and would like to have it in our wardrobe. In my opinion, Slovenian women follow fashion trends quite well.


Do Slovenian women have a sense of fashion; do they know how to dress well?

I really love the fact that even young girls have a sense of colour and combining fashionable pieces. This is a positive quality that can bring additional value. It is important that women can dress themselves well, that they know, what suits their figure, height, hair colour, eye colour etc.


Do you feel that we are generally more reserved when it comes to fashion?

When there is something new on the market at first we are puzzled but eventually we adapt. Which is all right, we need to accept the novelties and embrace them.


Is there a piece of clothing every woman should own?

Definitely a medium sized handbag for everything women carry around during the day – that is a must-have… And of course a simple little black dress that can be worn on its own in summer, as a tunic over a pair of jeans in winter and in spring and autumn spruced up with some fashion accessories.


What about fashion accessories and jewellery? How to use them appropriately?

In general it is a matter of personal taste: some people like more jewellery, some a little less. In order to really emphasise the jewellery and wear it for some special occasion it is necessary to tone down the garment. But if we have a really striking piece of clothing, the jewellery should be minimalistic or perhaps we should omit it at all.


Where do you find inspiration for your collections?

Geometric shapes follow me more or less every step of the way, so I derive from of all sharp shapes. Sometimes I also find a specific pattern and I already imagine some combinations. Then I quickly find a sheet of paper and a pencil and draw a sketch so that the idea does not vanish.


Where does your passion for fashion come from?

I have always been inspired by colours and patterns, when I see something special I like, my eyes just sparkle. Hours and hours of dressing and undressing dolls when I was a little girl was a good indication of my present career.


Who is the best critic of your creations during the designing process?                                                                                  

Undoubtedly my boyfriend, who is a computer expert and is very meticulous.


While designing do you take into consideration what you would wear or do you completely let go and just follow your inspiration?

I always design a product that is primarily to my taste, but of course it is sometimes necessary to adjust the design and make a compromise according to my customer’s wishes, since peoples’ tastes and opinions are very very different.


How deeply into their pockets must your fans dig in order to buy one of your pieces from your last collection (the cheapest and most expensive piece)?

The most expensive piece from my Madame collection costs 248 EUR and the cheapest one is 67 EUR.


If you had to describe your creations in three words, what would these three words be?

Bold, unique, geometric.

Where do you see yourself in the future, will you stay at home or will you set out into the world?

I always wanted to stay in Slovenia and design for abroad, but the journey is still  undetermined, so I will let life surprise me.

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