Fashion designer Teja Jeglič: There is no limit to creativity

In our latest interview we talked to Teja Jeglič, a young fashion designer who loves using geometric and other shapes. There are many excellent fashion designers in Slovenia who enrich our fashion world with their designs.

Among them is Teja Jeglič who has stood out in the last few years with her handmade handbags for women, wallets, backpacks and baby bags for fashionable new mothers. What is more, on her website anyone can design their own backpack.

Teja, you are an increasingly recognizable fashion designer who brought freshness as well as wearable and fashionable fashion pieces to the Slovenian fashion scene. What were your beginnings like?

“The beginning of my professional path as I started designing bags and backpacks was actually quite unexpected and thus probably more successful.”

You have experience from abroad, you have studied in England. How has this affected you and the making of Tejajeglichdesign brand?

“Studying abroad has given me a great basis for my independence in managing my own brand as well as affected my personal growth.”

When did designing fashion accessories change from hobby to business?

“My hobby became business in when I started getting more orders and positive feedback. It was then when I realized that I had chosen the right career path.”

How would you describe yourself in one sentence?

“Handbag designer who never seizes to surprise.”

Which piece from your latest collection is your favourite?

“My favourite piece from my latest collection is undoubtedly the clutch backpack, since it is totally different but at the same time keeps the same basic theme as the other products”

In your opinion: which are the basic pieces every woman should have in her wardrobe?

“Every woman should own one small evening bag and one bigger everyday bag.”

You have numerous different collections. What is you inspiration when creating a new collection?

“I always stick to my basic passion – geometrical shapes, sharp edges and animal prints have always been my favourite.”

Which of the world famous stars would you like to see with your purse or backpack?

“I am most inspired by Victoria Beckham and Beyonce.”

Your bags and backpacks are unique and users can design them according to their own preferences. What choices and combinations are available?

“We offer something unique and fresh for the Slovenian market – configurator that enables customers to choose their own colour combinations and patterns. At the moment they can design their own backpack, but there will be different bags available soon.”

Your designs are not exclusively for women. You also deign fashion accessories for men.

“I launched my male wallet collection last year. A new one is in its infancy and is expected to be released this year.”

It is hard to be and stay unique in this day and age since sooner or later copies will emerge. There are many more or less unfortunate copies of your designs available. Is that just additional motivation for you or…?

“Some people lack creativity and copies of my products started appearing quite fast. But they are just a drop in the bucket. I see it as a confirmation that my story is successful.”

 What is your opinion of fashion style of Slovenian women? Are they still reserved or do they tend to experiment more and follow world fashion trends?

“I have noticed that lately Slovenian women have been following fashion trends and are much more open to more extreme fashion pieces.”

Every fashion designer’s dream is their own shop. You have fulfilled your dream and opened your own shop in the centre of Ljubljana.

“That was one of my biggest dreams and eventually it came true. My shop near the river Ljubljanica offers different unique designer bags and some clothes as well as s sample card for customers to choose their own colours, patterns and combinations.”

Fashion enthusiasts can also order your products on your brand new website, where they can design a backpack according to their own preferences. What has the response been so far.

The response has been unbelievable. After all, you can have a few minutes of fun designing a product and create your own unique backpack.”

On top of being a successful fashion designer you are also a mother. How do you balance your business and being a mother?

“I have to admit that in the beginning it was quite difficult, but with the help of my life partner and my colleagues we have managed to keep going. Motherhood also inspired new products, such as baby bag for fashionable mothers.”

What is your advice to young people?

“There’s no limit to creativity.”

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