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Who am I?

Already as a young girl I loved creating, drawing and expressing myself in various creative ways. Armed with my talent and great love of fashion I decided to attend Secondary School for Design and Photography in Ljubljana where I received important basic knowledge for my further endeavours. After successfully finishing secondary school I upgraded my knowledge at Faculty of design. It was during my student years when I fell head over heels in love with creating fashion accessories and clothes. And since I believe that one can succeed if one loves what one does, I decided to challenge myself abroad – in England, where Tejajeglichdesign brand was born. At prestigious Leeds College of Art I gained many important new experiences as well as useful knowledge from the world of fashion which came in very handy while I was pursuing my dream.




I have also accomplished one of my biggest dreams – to have my own studio, where my customers can really experience my creativity and energy used in my designs. This is a place of my artistic expression, a place where we can meet face to face, chat about the weather or the latest fashion trends. A place where we are happy to adapt to your wishes and create a product according to your specific desires. You can choose colors, designs and materials that suit you best. The possibilities are endless. Some of the designs were also presented at Ljubljana Fashion Week, different fashion magazines and introduced by important Slovenian, Serbian and Croatian icons.

So welcome to my second home – my fashion studio at Kvedrova cesta 5a, near BTC City. There are many different unique designs available. All products are handmade from high quality materials and have carefully combined patterns intertwined into beautiful fashion poetry.

All these creations reflect my story and you can give it your own personal touch.

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Jasmina Karić


Today I received a bag and a backpack. Otherwise, this is already the 4th product under Teja's hands. I have no words, it's beautiful. I'm in love. I wish you good ideas. I'll be back anyway. Thank you

Petra Molk


I cuddled myself with the wallet and I must say that I am extremely satisfied. Beautiful design, gorgeous colors, different leather textures and, of course, a very spacious. Exactly as I wanted it. This was definitely not my last purchase. I recommend😉👌

Sandra Pellow


Excellent communication! Arranged the shipment to the other side of the world without a problem! The bag is insanely beautiful! I will definitely go back to shopping!

Ana Pintarič Zorec


I love her handbags. Super design, nice materials. Teja is really nice, she responds quickly, she helps... and when you have one... you look for another one #ilovebags